Last year I started working with the Ben Kinsella Trust (BKT) and Head Held High (HHH) on a programme called ‘The Best You’. This programme is aimed at a particular age group who are susceptible to carrying around knives, or may become involved with people who associate themselves with knife crimes. The question “why they carry knives?” is, is it for protection or for prevention? Conversations and questions are encouraged in a safe space.

Six weeks of encouraging Year 9 to think about their behaviours, triggers, to identify between back-handed comments, physical reaction and how to be assertive rather than aggressive in their manner. It also includes role-playing, looking at how one disciplines themselves in life, asking them which of their friends are lifting them up and who is holding them back.

The programme asks young people to think about the bigger picture, put themselves first without allowing their ego to determine choices in the moment. It asks them “what do you want to achieve in life, what are they doing in order to reach their goals and what is preventing them from achieving them?”.

It’s one of the most rewarding but also challenging jobs when dealing with different dynamics of personality. I learn so much and set myself the tasks often set to the young people in the group. If I’m not living the truth than what is the point in teaching this way.

I love it and a big shout out to Tash, my Lead Facilitator who is my Mentor.

I have also worked as a Drama Facilitator, Director, Lead/Co-Lead with The Half Moon – Young Peoples Theatre, The London Bubble, The Almeida Theatre on school residencies, evening workshops, with familes where ESOL, themes, games with people of all ages and vulnerable adults. I have an Enhanced DBS certificate.

I am happy to work with or on future projects; please contact me at dropintomaria@gmail.com


Since I graduated from drama school I have been happy to advise new actors on how to start in the industry, it’s really tricky to know where to begin as there is so many talented individuals out there. There are lots of facebook groups, websites, courses and more to help you but sometimes, going back to basics is a good starting point.

I also believe in connecting people to help one another in the industry, it can be tough but it can also be so lovely when your circle of support grows and people recommend you for jobs.

If anyone would like mentoring, I am happy to do a one-to-one session. You would also receive a list of resources (websites, evening events and ideas for the next step).


Qualifications & Experience
Raindance Producer’s Foundation Course
Guerilla Filmmakers’ Course in Producing

From 2011-2015, I was a Producer with Snakegully Productions where I worked on short films in a number of roles; 1st AD, Scout Locator, Event Manager, arranging cast and crew for various projects.

I organised film events at hotels, cinema’s, cafes, pubs, I led Q&As on film nights and set-up table reads of new scripts.

The following projects did the festival circuits;
Triple A Films – ‘Fallen’ and Busy Doctors Films ‘Surburban Dracula’

I have also organised a Film and Theatre evening to fundraise for The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries, Master’s Fund, supporting medical students in times of financial need.


Short Film – ‘Upstart’

A few years ago I had an idea for a short film which is yet to be made. I figured I shouldn’t get stressed about it but do the research, so I challenged myself by going to boxing classes and boxercise classes just to get into the mindset, the lingo. I also spoke to boxing coaches, male and female about how they started and how they have seen the changes and challenges in the industry.

I have been a little side tracked so have got back on board by having a reading with a group of friends whose feedback I appreciate and trust and have re-written a draft. It’s almost there with the story. 

As with any writer, two or more stories develop in the meantime but this one means the most to me.  Why, because I worked with a writer called Sean Burn on a piece called ‘Cutter’ which has stayed with me ever since. It was a holistic journey in my life and a most influential piece.

Story: Mia is a boxer and wants to compete, she is torn between her brother who is her current coach and her new coach, her lover with new ways of teaching. Still affected by the loss of her Mum, Mia’s brother still asserts his paternal ways over her, will she ever break free?

I hope to make this film one day, join me on the journey of my first short film.