“The Universe doesn’t allow perfection” – Stephen Hawking

I am currently doing this “Power Hour” in the morning (20 x meditation, 20 x mins of creativity, 20 x physical movement). I’ve come across this in some of Brendon’s earlier video/podcast recordings and I was reminded in June by a practitioner. So for two months, I have been making space for myself in the mornings. I am currently reading “High Performance Habits” and I am on “Practice two – Bring the joy”. Brendon Burchard
I went for a job interview on Wednesday at my work place this week, that I have been waiting for for two years, and have most of the experience that the job requires and I blew my chances. Many things went through my mind, did I set my intention, what did I want to bring to this interview, had I done my research, had I prepared enough. The answer is no. There was nothing to prepare for the interview, but I didn’t prepare myself. I really believed I could step up but when it came to it I didn’t highlight any of my strengths (and my boss told me this). I felt like all the hard work, initiatives I had created and commitment was not in the room and I was disappointed with myself.
So, what is going on? On a sub-conscious level I have been wanting to move on from the work place as I have been there 4 years, I haven’t been well for the last week or so, I caught a stomach bug which seems to have lingered, I have been stressed with renovations going on at home and I am dealing with my father’s dementia.
I wanted to cry but realised they were just feelings of fear associated with self-worth, expectations and worthiness that come from my past. I felt relieved that it was over and disappointed I wasn’t focussed on getting that job. I felt so supported by my friends and family who care, were there, called me, hugged me and overwhelmed emotionally.
At the end of the day you win some and lose some, you learn and you get back up and go out there and do better. No one ever gets it right all of the time, I was reminded the universe doesn’t allow perfection.
#mindful #work #life #motivation

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