Belly Dancer Career?

So, as things go…struggling into Bikram this morning with the heat that I’ve been longing for outside with the weather, rather than inside with mirrors that show the unkind truth of ones lumps and bumps. A sarcastic comment from my teacher ‘use your fancy mat and the lines on it’ felt more like a judgement than assistance in my position. So, poised and focussing on my positions I notice all this training doesn’t help my midriff. One of the hardest places to lose the weight and tone. Now some of you out there may say its about conditioning, I don’t care what you call it, my belly is not the six-pack heavenly achievement I want it to be. Do I resign myself to dieting, no wheat, no treats, no eating after 8pm and up my gym attendance, weights? Do I put it on my acting CV creating as a new category next to ‘tattoos and piercings’ and call it ‘excess flab’, do I name and shame it in a relationship as ‘extra curricular’…no I will plow on and accept my ‘teenage fat’ as never having left me and opt to have a Belly Dancing career instead. Now off to a half hour HIIT class…if you’ve got it flaunt it!

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