Facebook – Friend or Foe? Love it or hate it?

When I first started writing these blogs, I thought it would be about Producing and the pros’ and cons of what to do in the business. Now, I find myself being analytical with the world (not that I wasn’t before) but self critical (in a good way, I hope) and contemplative about all sorts of topics, subjects etc. Blogs, like anything on the internet is out there forever and is this my legacy of thoughts (or impact) on the world, to remain for others to see?

So, Facebook love it, hate it, is it a great form of communication or is it a persona of a part of our egos we create? Is it a great marketing tool for business or can it be the soapbox of political righteousness we have been reading recently. Whatever, it is a source of information almost quicker than google search, companies, articles, interests all lie within these pages that have been created. Ah, so Facebook is about knowledge, never thought I would have that perspective on it.

I have now logged myself out of my FB app on my Iphone and on my computer to see how the next two weeks of my life will feel without it. Why, you may ask? December is a tricky month of remembering passed loved ones and broken relationships. (no sympathy required here) so I’m looking to quiet my mind with less communication and more self reflection. I have to admit I am already having withdrawal symptoms of “What am I missing?”, what is the latest gossip with my friends” am I missing any Birthday/Christmas invites blah blah blah. Unlike Twitter, Facebook stores your notifications (by those witty, political  and annoying friends you chose to follow) that allow you to catch up days later. (Two weeks to wait).

But what about all those people who are not on Facebook, are they missing out? They do not subscribe to the alter ego of our selfies and amazing nights out saying “Look at me and how much fun I am having”. They do not secretly view the ex’s/current partner’s profile or look to see if they are liking some other hot persons pictures or comments. All this does is enhance the insecurities that were created by someone else. It does not reflect the reality overall but only what is happening in that particular moment.

I hear the fear, the negative perspective about Facebook as it can be destructive not necessarily directional from others but from yourself, what you create and want people to see or read about who you are as a person. It can show you to be a confident, outgoing, a socially engaging individual but you can also portray yourself as a complete idiot. And as with anything people will gather opinions about you, have a perspective from what you say and reading between the lines people will also gather how lonely and/or sad you are. (Sad as in feeling low). Misconceptions are difficult to alter once out there and again people are more likely to remember the negative rather than the good.

So, is this self reflection good? Will I obtain my information through google now? Do I love Facebook or hate it? Both to be honest. Is it my friend or foe? Well, I miss many of my close friends and I can see how they are doing. Will I feel the same in two weeks, when I sign back in? I’ll let you know (If I last two weeks).




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